How It Works

So How Do Car Title Loans Actually Work?

You’ll Be Surprised How Quick & Simple the Loan Process Is!

 Low Rate Loans for Everyone

Car title loans are a simple loan solution for all applicants with all types of financial needs. We aim to offer a loan that will help you out of any tough situation with a short and basic application process that is convenient and available for everyone. You no longer need to stress about how you will get a cash loan if you have bad credit or how long it will take when you need the cash immediately. Our same day loans are available with no credit check.

Getting Cash for Your Car

Car title loans are collateral loans which allow you to use your car to secure the loan. This makes the loans available for anyone who has a car and lives in the Merced California area. In order for you to be able to get a loan, your car must have a valid title in your name and be insured. Before we give you the cash, we will become the lien holder of the car and it will remain with us for the whole loan period, but you get to keep your car. Once you have paid back the loan, the lien will go back to you. Another implication of your car acting as the collateral for the loan is that the amount we can lend you will be calculated according to our estimated value of your car.

Fast Cash – 60 Minutes, No Hassle!

It has never been simpler to get a loan and our loans can be available in just one hour. Apply online or over the phone with an application that will take you a couple of minutes to complete and get the cash in your hands in no time at all.

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