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About Gabriel Car Title Loans Merced CA

Hassle-Free Loans for All Applicants

Car Title Loans in Merced CA offer a suitable loan solution for anyone who needs extra cash for any reason. These loans are flexible and simple, convenient and hassle-free making them attractive for any scenario. In addition, the application process is quick and easy and you can get the cash in your hands in no time.

Cash for Your Car

Car title loans are secured with your car which makes them a loan solution that is available for anyone in the Merced area who has a car. In order for your car to become the collateral for the loan, we will become the new lienholders and hold onto the lien for the life of the loan; however, you will be able to keep driving your car during this period. Because your car is the collateral for the loan, the loan value will be worked out based on the car’s market value, but it can range from $2,501 to $20,000.

Loans for Everyone – Online Loans Offering Same Day Cash

We offer loans to anyone who needs extra cash, for whatever reason. Our loans are cash which can be used for anything from paying the bills to going on holiday. We make no judgement calls and offer loans to people with good credit or bad credit, people with a steady job and people who are unemployed and everyone else in between. All you need is a car with a valid title.

Apply Online and Get Cash in an Hour

Your can apply for a loan online or over the phone by filling out the simple form. Instant approval is available and with no credit check, the entire process is faster. Bring in your paperwork and the loan can be yours within the hour.

Apply now and get your car title loan within the hour.